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Blanc-Brude OP, Yu J, Simosa H, Conte MS, Sessa WC, Altieri DC
Inhibitor of apoptosis protein survivin regulates vascular injury.
Nature medicine, Sep-2002;8(9):987-94.
Chew DK, Owens CD, Belkin M, Donaldson MC, Whittemore AD, Mannick JA, Conte MS
Bypass in the absence of ipsilateral greater saphenous vein: safety and superiority of the contralateral greater saphenous vein.
Journal of vascular surgery, Jun-2002;35(6):1085-92.
Sun J, Sui X, Bradbury JA, Zeldin DC, Conte MS, Liao JK
Inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cell migration by cytochrome p450 epoxygenase-derived eicosanoids.
Circulation research, May-17-2002;90(9):1020-7.
Conte MS, VanMeter GA, Akst LM, Clemons T, Kashgarian M, Bender JR
Endothelial cell seeding influences lesion development following arterial injury in the cholesterol-fed rabbit.
Cardiovascular research, Feb-1-2002;53(2):502-11.
Eslami MH, Gangadharan SP, Belkin M, Donaldson MC, Whittemore AD, Conte MS
Monocyte adhesion to human vein grafts: a marker for occult intraoperative injury?
Journal of vascular surgery, Nov-2001;34(5):923-9.
Gangadharan SP, Imai M, Rhynhart KK, Sévigny J, Robson SC, Conte MS
Targeting platelet aggregation: CD39 gene transfer augments nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase activity in injured rabbit arteries.
Surgery, Aug-2001;130(2):296-303.
Gangadharan SP, Eslami MH, Weiss IP, Sui X, Conte MS
Monocyte adhesion to balloon-injured arteries: the influence of endothelial cell seeding.
Journal of vascular surgery, Jun-2001;33(6):1247-54.
Conte MS, Belkin M, Upchurch GR, Mannick JA, Whittemore AD, Donaldson MC
Impact of increasing comorbidity on infrainguinal reconstruction: a 20-year perspective.
Annals of surgery, Mar-2001;233(3):445-52.
Eslami MH, Gangadharan SP, Sui X, Rhynhart KK, Snyder RO, Conte MS
Gene delivery to in situ veins: differential effects of adenovirus and adeno-associated viral vectors.
Journal of vascular surgery, Jun-2000;31(6):1149-59.
Mann MJ, Whittemore AD, Donaldson MC, Belkin M, Conte MS, Polak JF, Orav EJ, Ehsan A, Dell'Acqua G, Dzau VJ
Ex-vivo gene therapy of human vascular bypass grafts with E2F decoy: the PREVENT single-centre, randomised, controlled trial.
Lancet, Oct-30-1999;354(9189):1493-8.
Plescia J, Conte MS, VanMeter G, Ambrosini G, Altieri DC
Molecular identification of the cross-reacting epitope on alphaM beta2 integrin I domain recognized by anti-alphaIIb beta3 monoclonal antibody 7E3 and its involvement in leukocyte adherence.
The Journal of biological chemistry, Aug-7-1998;273(32):20372-7.
Inaba M, Toninelli E, Vanmeter G, Bender JR, Conte MS
Retroviral gene transfer: effects on endothelial cell phenotype.
The Journal of surgical research, Jul-15-1998;78(1):31-6.
Conte MS, Choudhury RP, Shirakowa M, Fallon JT, Birinyi LK, Choudhry RP, Choudury RP
Endothelial cell seeding fails to attenuate intimal thickening in balloon-injured rabbit arteries.
Journal of vascular surgery, Mar-1995;21(3):413-21.
Conte MS, Birinyi LK, Miyata T, Fallon JT, Gold HK, Whittemore AD, Mulligan RC
Efficient repopulation of denuded rabbit arteries with autologous genetically modified endothelial cells.
Circulation, May-1994;89(5):2161-9.
Miyata T, Conte MS, Trudell LA, Mason D, Whittemore AD, Birinyi LK
Delayed exposure to pulsatile shear stress improves retention of human saphenous vein endothelial cells on seeded ePTFE grafts.
The Journal of surgical research, May-1991;50(5):485-93.
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