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Owens CD, Ridker PM, Belkin M, Hamdan AD, Pomposelli F, Logerfo F, Creager MA, Conte MS
Elevated C-reactive protein levels are associated with postoperative events in patients undergoing lower extremity vein bypass surgery.
Journal of vascular surgery, Jan-2007;45(1):2-9; discussion 9.  Epub 2006 Nov 21.
Hoel AW, Conte MS
Edifoligide: a transcription factor decoy to modulate smooth muscle cell proliferation in vein bypass.
Cardiovascular drug reviews, 2007;25(3):221-34.
Nguyen LL, Lipsitz SR, Bandyk DF, Clowes AW, Moneta GL, Belkin M, Conte MS
Resource utilization in the treatment of critical limb ischemia: The effect of tissue loss, comorbidities, and graft-related events.
Journal of vascular surgery, Nov-2006;44(5):971-5; discussion 975-6.
Nguyen LL, Moneta GL, Conte MS, Bandyk DF, Clowes AW, Seely BL, Seely BL
Prospective multicenter study of quality of life before and after lower extremity vein bypass in 1404 patients with critical limb ischemia.
Journal of vascular surgery, Nov-2006;44(5):977-83; discussion 983-4.
Owens CD, Wake N, Jacot JG, Gerhard-Herman M, Gaccione P, Belkin M, Creager MA, Conte MS
Early biomechanical changes in lower extremity vein grafts--distinct temporal phases of remodeling and wall stiffness.
Journal of vascular surgery, Oct-2006;44(4):740-6.  Epub 2006 Aug 22.
Bafford R, Sui XX, Wang G, Conte M
Angiotensin II and tumor necrosis factor-alpha upregulate survivin and Kruppel-like factor 5 in smooth muscle cells: Potential relevance to vein graft hyperplasia.
Surgery, Aug-2006;140(2):289-96.
Conte MS, Bandyk DF, Clowes AW, Moneta GL, Seely L, Lorenz TJ, Namini H, Hamdan AD, Roddy SP, Belkin M, Berceli SA, DeMasi RJ, Samson RH, Berman SS, Berman SS
Results of PREVENT III: a multicenter, randomized trial of edifoligide for the prevention of vein graft failure in lower extremity bypass surgery.
Journal of vascular surgery, Apr-2006;43(4):742-751; discussion 751.
Wang GJ, Sui XX, Simosa HF, Jain MK, Altieri DC, Conte MS
Regulation of vein graft hyperplasia by survivin, an inhibitor of apoptosis protein.
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology, Oct-2005;25(10):2081-7.  Epub 2005 Aug 25.
Conte MS, Bandyk DF, Clowes AW, Moneta GL, Namini H, Seely L
Risk factors, medical therapies and perioperative events in limb salvage surgery: observations from the PREVENT III multicenter trial.
Journal of vascular surgery, Sep-2005;42(3):456-64; discussion 464-5.
Simosa HF, Wang G, Sui X, Peterson T, Narra V, Altieri DC, Conte MS
Survivin expression is up-regulated in vascular injury and identifies a distinct cellular phenotype.
Journal of vascular surgery, Apr-2005;41(4):682-90.
Conte MS, Lorenz TJ, Bandyk DF, Clowes AW, Moneta GL, Seely BL
Design and rationale of the PREVENT III clinical trial: edifoligide for the prevention of infrainguinal vein graft failure.
Vascular and endovascular surgery, 2005 Jan-Feb;39(1):15-23.
Chew DK, Conte MS, Khalil RA
Matrix metalloproteinase-specific inhibition of Ca2+ entry mechanisms of vascular contraction.
Journal of vascular surgery, Nov-2004;40(5):1001-10.
Abbruzzese TA, Havens J, Belkin M, Donaldson MC, Whittemore AD, Liao JK, Conte MS
Statin therapy is associated with improved patency of autogenous infrainguinal bypass grafts.
Journal of vascular surgery, Jun-2004;39(6):1178-85.
Jacot JG, Abdullah I, Belkin M, Gerhard-Herman M, Gaccione P, Polak JF, Donaldson MC, Whittemore AD, Conte MS
Early adaptation of human lower extremity vein grafts: wall stiffness changes accompany geometric remodeling.
Journal of vascular surgery, Mar-2004;39(3):547-55.
Reed AB, Gaccione P, Belkin M, Donaldson MC, Mannick JA, Whittemore AD, Conte MS
Preoperative risk factors for carotid endarterectomy: defining the patient at high risk.
Journal of vascular surgery, Jun-2003;37(6):1191-9.
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